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Brotherhood of Mutilation

After losing a hand in a sting operation, Kline, a detective, find shimself unwillingly dragged into a secret amputation cult, recruited into a strange world in order to solve a crime whose details the self-mutilated members of the cult are strangely reluctant to discuss. As he struggles to unravel the nightmarish dynamics of the society and figure out the crime, he begins to realize that he is profoundly threatened. Without question, one of the most original and disturbing takes on the detective story in recent years.

With an Introduction by Paul Di Filippo and cover by Chrise Nurse

Limited to 300 numbered softcover signed chapbooks and 15 lettered, traycased hardcovers.

"Wickedly brilliant. A superb thriller that's a darker shade of noir. Brian Evenson's writing is scalpel sharp."
           —Simon Clark