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07.31.14: Since I last wrote three years ago, I almost died of lung collapse, went through a break up, got married, and had a baby.  For magazine publications and day-to-day information, you find me on Facebook.  For information about books, etc., this is the right place.

07.19.11: The latest issue of Redivider has published my story "Anskan House" in the print magazine and online as well. To read it go here.

07.19.11: Ellen Datlow's excellent anthology Supernatural Noir contains my piece "The Absent Eye", along with strong work by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Tom Piccirilli, Paul Tremblay and many others. For more information, go here.

07.19.11: I've got a piece in Ann & Jeff Vandermeer's wonderful and weird Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. Learn more here.

06.08.11: The latest issue of Salt Hill has a story by me in it. For more information, go here.

06.06.11: I've got a few questions as part of HTMLGIANT's "What is Experimental Literature?" series. To see me bridling against the term 'experimental' go here.

05.15.11: I've got an essay on fiction in the latest issue twenty-two of The Collagist. You can read it here.

05.14.11: The lead story in Hobart 12 is "Your Ballad of Milt and Stanley" a story I started and that Lily Hoang finished. For more info you could try clicking here.

05.11.11: Matt Bell has just done a strong and smart close reading of my story "The Oxygen Protocol". See it here.

05.07.11: My story "Windeye" has just been reprinted in The 2011 Pen/O. Henry Prize Stories: The Best Stories of the Year. See it here.

05.07.11: The Winter-Spring 2011 issue of Golden Handcuffs Review contains my story "After the Procedure" as well as an excerpt I translated from Claro's CosmoZ. For more information, go here.

05.07.11: The fifth JMWW Anthology contains my story "Humiliation" as well as a number of other great stories.

05.01.11: The Brooklyn Rail is publishing serially my translation of Stendhal's unfinished novella Féder. Check it out here.

04.15.11: The Center for Fiction's magazine, The Literaraian, has reprinted my story "Three Indignities." To read it, go here.

04.01.11: If you read Japanese, you'll find my story "Alfons Kuylers" in the April issue of Shincho magazine.

02.19.11: There's a review of Last Days on the Backlisted blog.

02.19.11: The Australian journal The Lifted Brow #7 contains a new story of mine, as well as work by Blake Butler, Diane Williams, Rob Shearman and others.

02.19.11: "The Adjudicator" has reappeared in Of a Monstrous Child: An Anthology of Creative Writing Relationships, and I've also written an introduction in the same volume to a piece by my former student, Alan Tinkler.

02.19.11: I've got a review of Justin Taylor's The Gospel of Anarchy in the Feb/Mar 2011 Bookforum.

02.19.11: Ben Segal and ErinroseMager have just edited The Offical Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature, a series of blurbs of non-existent books. I've got a review in it of Julio Sternhagen's Landscape with Hanged Man.

02.19.11: If you read Japanese, Motoyuki Shibata's translations of "Invisible Box" and "Desire with Digressions" can be found in Monkey Business (Summer 2009, #6) and Paper Sky (#31) respectively. Thank you, Moto!

02.19.11: The first issue of the multilingual journal The Black Herald contains a translation I did of a excerpt from Claro's novel CosmoZ.

01.10.11: The French mass-market paperback of La Confrérie des mutilés [Last Days] has been published by 10/18. See more here.

01.01.11: I've written the introduction to Calypso Editions' new translation (by Boris Dralyuk) of Leo Tolstoy's How Much Land Does a Man Need. If you don't know that story, it's the piece that James Joyce called the "greatest story that the literature of the world knows" Check it out here.

01.01.11: My short-short sequence "Three Indignities" has been published in Unsaid 5. You can find more information here.

12.14.10: I've got an essay on creative writing and narrative theory in the MLA volume Teaching Narrative Theory. For more information, go here.

12.14.10: The latest issue of Black Clock is a kind of best of mix tape which includes, among other things, my story Invisible Box. To see the full contents of the issue go here.

11.30.10: Last Days is now available as an audio book from Brilliance Audio, performed by Chris Patton. To hear an audio sample, go here.

11.30.10: My translation of Claro's Bunker Anatomy has just been published by Marick Press. For more information, go here.

11.30.10: Conjunctions: 55, Urban Arias contains, among other things, a copy of my story "The Oxygen Protocol." Go here to learn more.

09.22.10: Just received my copy of Kate Bernheimer's edited collection of forty new fairy tales, My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me. It includes my story "Dapplegrim." Check the book out here.

09.15.10: Dorothy: A Publishing Project, has just reissued Barbara Comyns' Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead, with an introduction by me. It's a terrific book. To find out more, go here.

09.03.10: My story collection Fugue State is a finalist for a World Fantasy Award! To see the other nominees, go here.

09.03.10: Byron Alexander Campbell did an interview with me on the Black Clock blog. Go here to learn more.

09.03.10: The latest issue of New York Tyrant has published a story by Bjorn Verenson, called "A Wind". Find out more here.

09.03.10: There's a five image collaboration that John Sellekaers and I did together at Devil's Lake. Read it here.

09.03.10:The spring issue of Fact.Simile features an Oktober Revolution-style photograph of me on the cover, along with an interview and a new story. Find out more here.

09.03.10: Scott Abbott has written a post on my novella Baby Leg, complete with images of his copy of the book. Thanks, Scott! Check it out here.

09.03.10: I've got a post on Tor's blog about my alter ego B. K. Evenson's Dead Space project. Read it here.

09.03.10: I've written the introduction to Mathias Enard's brilliant single-sentence (well, kind of) novel Zone. You find out more about the book here.

09.03.10: Here's an article I wrote about contemporary Canadian literature, found at The Incongruous Quarterly. It was written a few years back for something that never came off, but has come to life at last as part of Sheila Heti's Kill Fee issue. I hope you enjoy it.

08.26.10: Go to the ACT blog to see a long and thoughtful review of The Open Curtain written by Douglas Messerli.

08.10.10: I got an early birthday gift today when PWxyz, the Publisher's Weekly blog, identified me as one of the fifteen most underrated article. With people like Kelly Link and Percival Everett on the list as well, the company's good. To see the whole list, go here.

07.20.10: Anne-Françoise Kavauvea has written a very good piece on the French translation of Father of Lies. Check it out here.

07.20.10: A new and very good interview with me, conducted by Steve Owen, is up at FlatmanCrooked. Check it out here.

07.20.10: Just back from a conference in Cérisy-la-Salle where I was speaking on the work of Antoine Volodine--if you're never read his work, do yourself a favor and pick up Jordan Stump's excellent translation of Minor Angels. And you might also check out the new issue of JMWW which includes my short-short "Humiliation."

06.25.10: Director Jose Zayas has adapted my novel Father of Lies for the stage. It played from July 7-11 as part of the undergroundzero festival in Brooklyn. If you want to feel sorry you missed it, you can read reviews of the show at BWW, Stage Mage,, and And here's the poster:

Zayas Father of Lies

05.31.10: I've got a post up on The Laughing Yeti about reading. Lots of good posts from a range of writers. Check it out here.

05.20.10: The May issue of the SF&F magazine Locus includes, among other things, an interview with me and a roundtable discussion about Poe & the Fantastic that Peter Straub, Ellen Datlow, Gary K. Wolfe and myself had. Learn more here.

05.20.10: A story of mine opens and another story of mine closes the latest issue of the cultural studies journal Parallax. Also included is a piece by Alphonso Lingis and a number of other great pieces.

05.20.10: Keith Leslie Johnson says of my novella Baby Leg in Jacket Magazine "It is as if he had one stump in the world of camp and the other in the world of high art, as if the audacity of Tod Browning were coupled with the austerity of Beckett." He also correctly identifies an Odd Nerdum painting that's described in the novella and talks about one of my favorite films, "The Unknown". Thanks, Keith!

05.20.10: Both Baby Leg and Last Days make the honorable mention list on the Believer's Readers's Survey of the Best Books of 2010.

05.20.10: Paul Charles Smith discusses my novel Last Days on his blog, Empty Your Heart of its Mortal Dream and says that it is "Highly recommended for those who can stomach it." Read the whole review here.

05.20.10: I've got a review of Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City in the latest issue of The Cincinnati Review.

05.20.10: You Tube has a still-progression that Leena Nguyen did of the first section of my story "Two Brothers." Check it out here. (There's also, somewhere, rumored to be a dance performance based on "Two Brothers," but I've never seen it.)

05.20.10: The latest issue of 21.C includes a piece that Ashley Crawford did on me (part interview, part commentary, about apocalyptic and dystopic strains in my writing and elswhere). Great discussions with Ben Marcus, Jonathan Lethem, Blake Butler and Brian Conn as well. Read it here.

05.20.10: Alice Blue just posted a very concise text/image collaboration that John Sellekaers and I did. You can get to that, and to the rest of the issue by clicking on this.

05.20.10: If you don't own a copy of my novella Baby Leg (or I suppose even if you do) you can read the first part of it online at the Vice blog, courtesy of the Friday Tyrant. Go here to see it.

05.20.10: I've chosen the top fifty very short stories found on the web for Wigleaf. There's lots of great stuff there, as well as a number of other impressive stories on the long list that I wish I'd had space to include. See it here.

04.27.10: Two of my books are finalists for the Shirley Jackson Award! Last Days is a finalist in the novel category and Fugue State is a finalist for single-author collection. Lots of great folks in that and other categories. To see the other finalists, go here.

04.27.10: Go here to hear an interview I did with Caleb J. Ross about my AWP panel.

04.27.10: The Better of McSweeney's, Volume Two, reprints my story "Mudder Tongue," along with work by Ben Ehrenreich, Susan Steinberg, Roy Kesey and many others.

04.27.10: McSweeney's 34 has two drawings (bearded and non-bearded) of me and by me just inside its back cover.

04.05.10: Charlie Orr has added my (as yet) unwritten book Immobility to his hypothetical library. I've written the flap copy for a book that I'd love to write and he's done a cover and some commentary. Jeff VanderMeer has very generously contributed a blurb. Now all I need to do is write the thing and find a publisher... See more about it and the other (hypothetical) books here.

03.31.10: I'm a finalist for a Spinetingler award, as best rising star! If you'd like to vote for me (or, for that matter, for my very worthy competitors, you can do so here.

03.31.10: Signficant Objects has published a piece of mine about a flashlight (one of my favorite significant objects, along with shovels and axes). The project is tied to an ebay auction where the object itself can be bid on and even bought, the proceeds going to Girls Write Now. It's a very fine flashlight and, as my story indicates, perhaps one with a history.

03.31.10: Check out this interview and reading with Piera Tocci at Breakthrough Radio.

03.31.10: There's a very good paragraph on Last Days in Ellen Datlow's introduction to The Best Horror of the Year Volume 2, and part of a paragraph on Fugue State, and two stories ("Second Boy" and "Windeye") included as honorable mentions. It's a very good anthology; check it out.

03.31.10: Nils Ahl in Le Monde says of Père des mensonges "Père des mensonges démontre tout son talent sur un registre plus épuré, plus radical et sans doute aussi plus romanesque. A ce titre, il est une réussite autant qu'une invitation. La confirmation d'une originalité monstrueuse."

03.31.10:Sylvie Cohen in La Marseillaise says of Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] that it "dénonce de façon implacable la perversion d'un système tout entier pour que seules demeurent les rouages d'une doctrine. Sidéreant, on le lit d'une traite et ça cogne." Thanks, Sylvie!

03.31.10: I've got a story called "The Sladen Suit" in Flatmancrooked's Not About Vampires: An Anthology of New Fiction Concerning Everything Else. (I'd like to say that in a way my story is about a vampire, but that would be mostly a lie.) Read about the anthology here.

03.31.10: Zero Ducats has published a short collaboration that Laird Hunt and I did together (beginning with a line stolen and slightly transformed from Rosmary Waldrop. More information here.

03.31.10: Boulevard's 25th Anniversary Issue published, as part of their special focus on music, my discussion of five underrated bands.

03.08.10: Greg Gerke at Big Other has a review of Baby Leg. "Evenson takes Hitchcock’s wrong man theme and distorts his protagonist’s environment so the reader can’t easily point to the justice needed to rectify the situation." Read the rest here.

03.08.10: Paul di Filippo has a very nice review of Underland Press at the Barnes and Noble Review. He says of my novel: "Combining flavors of Borges, Ballard, and Monty Python, with echoes of The Prisoner, this transgressive novel demands to be filmed by the impossible tag team of Jim Jarmusch and Tod Browning." Read the rest here.

03.08.10: Part of a collaboration I did with Nathan Danilowicz can be found at Diagram 10.1, here.

03.08.10: Salvatore Ruggiero has a review of Fugue State up at The Quarterly Conversation. "Evenson’s story collection has characters who try to dissociate themselves from their beginnings (or who have their beginnings redefined by others), who consciously neglect previous happenings and logical prognostications to believe what they want to believe to make the best of their situation at hand." Check it out here.

03.08.10: Puerto del Sol has published a chapter of my translation of Antoine Volodine's Bardo or Not Bardo. To get the PDF, go here.

02.26.10: On The Millions, Japanese translator Motoyuki Shibata says "my biggest discovery this year was the writer Brian Evenson. His collection of stories, Fugue State, knocked me out." To read his other picks, go here.

02.26.10: Caleb Ross lists Last Days on his top five books of 2009, here. Thanks, Caleb.

02.26.10: An interview with me can be found at The World in a Satin Bag, here.

02.26.10: Brian Lindenmuth at BSC lists Last Days as number five on his top ten of 2009 and says "I hope in 2010 that all readers of great, really daring fiction but especially readers of crime fiction will try some Brian Evenson. He really is that good. He’s a game changer." To see the rest of the list, which is great, go here.

02.26.10: Lincoln Cho at January Magazine lists Fugue State as the one of the best books of 2009. "As I read the 19 stories that make up Fugue State I kept thinking that this is what the future of dark fiction looks like." Thanks, Lincoln! See more here.

02.26.10: Larry at Vaguely Borgesian lists Last Days in his top five books of 2009. Thanks, Larry! See the rest here.

02.26.10:Go here for some comments on Jeff and Ann Vandermeer's The New Weird anthology, including some words on my story "Watson's Boy."

02.26.10: Here's a link to a post on Yes, starlings! Yes! that discusses my Dark Property and Molly Gaudry's We Take Me Apart and which does a good job trying to get at the sometimes numinous links that allow us to think of very different books in the same breath.

02.26.10: Here's a link to me being interviewed by Eve Jackson in France (but on an English speaking television channel, France 24) about my book Father of Lies.

02.26.10: My book Fugue State is on The Story Prize's list of fifteen highly recommended story collections of 2009. See the whole list here.

02.26.10: Reading the Short Story has a discussion of Mary Caponegro's and my work in relation to sixties experimentalism that is smart and provocative. Said of me: "no one pushes the envelope of the Poe/pulp tradition with more bravura than he does." Read the whole thing here.

02.26.10: Jeff Vandermeer discusses both Last Days and Fugue State in Best of the Year roundup, published on Locus Online. He says this, among other things: "Combining the best traits of writers who trend toward the grotesque, Evenson writes like a modern-day Kafka." Thanks, Jeff. To read the rest, and to see the rest of his interesting and varied list, go here.

02.26.10: A review of Ellen Datlow's anthology Lovecraft Unboundat Dark Recesses Magazine mentions my story "The Din of Celestial Birds" as one of several which invoke "fear, wonder, and/or an overriding sense of anxiety." Read the review here.

02.26.10: My story "The Dismal Mirror" can now be found in Danel Olsen's "Exotic Gothic 3: Strange Visitations" from Ash-Tree Press.

02.17.10: Last Days has received the American Library Association's RUSA 2010 Award for Outstanding Horror novel of the year! “Through spare language, a noir sensibility, and macabre humor, Evenson crafts a compulsively readable nightmare…” Read about it here.

02.17.10: Not just one but two of my books made it on this year to Time Out New York's list of the Best books of 2009. Michael Miller chose Last Days and Drew Toal chose Fugue State. I almost feel like I should sign over my first born child to Time Out New York, but since she's 18, I can no longer do so without her consent, and she's being difficult. See the complete lists at Time Out New York's website.

02.17.10: Locus has listed both Fugue State and Last Days on its 2009 recommended reading list in the fantasy category and the collections category. Many thanks to Gary K. Wolfe and Paul Witcover, both of whom talk about my work in the end of the year roundup.

02.17.10: Check out John Madera's review of my novella Baby Leg, at the Collagist. Says John "Brian Evenson’s work carefully navigates abundant, layered, cumulative sentences, sentences filled with recursive explorations, dynamic repetitions, and playful symmetries, with a kind of Spartan restraint on description and exposition, what Samuel Delany describes as “the stark economy of the tuned ear, the fixed eye.” There is nothing arbitrary in Evenson’s narratives, every detail is carefully chosen as if he were quietly building a bomb in some dark closet." Read more here.

02.17.10: SFSignal lists 40 books from 2009 that, according to Ellen Datlow, Scott Cupp and Jayme Lynn Blaschke you should read. They kind include two books of mine, Fugue State and Last Days. See the full list here.

02.17.10: The 2010 Novelist and Short Story Writers Market contains an interview with me inside its pages.

02.17.10: Annalemma has posted a review of Fugue State that talks about the way the book gives the so-called business to one's inner agent. In addition it has this to say: "Evenson plays on a reader’s expectations and natural desire for a clear storyline by sending them on an inwardly spiraling journey into insanity and paranoia." To read more go here.

02.17.10: You can see two of my stories, "Study Guide" and "Tapadera" at The Golden Handcuffs Review.

02.17.10: Horror Crypt has put up a review of Last Days, highly recommending the novel. You can read it here.

02.17.10: If you're so inclined, you can check out an interview I did about aliens here, and find a review of B. K. Evenson's novel, Aliens: No Exit here.

02.17.10: Three more text/photo collaborations I did with John Sellekaers can be found on the Vice magazine site. Check them out here.

02.17.10: Bruno Juffin says in Les Inrockuptibles of Père des mensonges "sèche et rythmée, l'écriture propulse l'action vers un dénoument où la morale ne trouve guère son compte... c'est du côté de Bret Easton Ellis qu'Evenson s'aventure ici... Père des mensonges aurait pu s'intituler 'Mormon Psycho'."

02.17.10: Take a look at this incisive and intensive interview I did with John Madera for the indominable Rain Taxi.

02.17.10: Last Days was a finalist in Dark Scribe Magazine's 3rd Annual Black Quill Award, in the "Small Press Chill" category. Thanks, Dark Scribe!

02.17.10: Check out this podcast interview that I did with the smart and very well read Rick Kleffel. He asks great questions, and gets me to talk about things that I often don't.

02.17.10: Laure Limongi offers a very thoughtful review of Pére des mensonges, as well as a description of a bookstore event I did in France in January, on La Revue Littéraire. "La frontière est poreuse entre rêve et réalité dans l’écriture de Brian Evenson, à la manière d’un Lynch ou d’un Cronenberg, les jeux de miroir et les rebondissements sont donc nombreux." Read more here.

02.17.10: Culture Cafe says Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] is "probablement le plus complexe et le plus dérangeant" of my books to be published in French so far. Go here for more.

02.17.10: Cathulu calls Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] "un roman extrêmement troublant qui happe son lecteur et ne le lâche plus." The full review can be found here.

02.17.10: Mille et une pages says of Père des mensonges [Father of Lies]: "Par où attaquer la liste de ce qui fait la qualité de ce roman ? Tout d'abord j'ai été séduite par la forme... Et se retrouver immergé dans la conscience et les actions de cet homme est vraiment prenant et terrifiant à la fois." To read more, go here.

02.17.10: For Les carnets de lecture de Pimprenelle... Père des mensonges is "Une lecture forte et profondément dérangeante que je ne peux que vous conseiller. Je vais d'ailleurs tâcher de me procurer un autre de ses romans tant j'ai envie d'en savoir plus sur l'univers de cet auteur." More can be found here.

02.17.10: Bric à Book says something about Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] that I like very much: "En somme, ce roman est une peinture excessivement sombre de l'âme humaine qui dénonce un certain conformisme religieux, mais c'est une peinture cubiste." Thanks! To read more, go here.

02.17.10: The blog Canel says of Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] "C'est bouleversant, écoeurant, dérangeant." To read more, click here.

02.17.10: Amanda Meyre's blog suggests that Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] is "un roman glaçant qui se lit quasiment d'une traite, à condition de reprendre son souffle après certain scènes." Read more here.

02.17.10: says of Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] "ça se devore!... il y a une formidable efficacité dans l'écriture qui nous rive littéralement aux pages... Tordu et impossible à lâcher." To see the rest of the review, go here.

02.17.10: Le blog de Keisha has published a review of Père des mensonges. "Le 'dedoublement' de Fochs est narré de façon fascinante... Un court roman quie ne peut laisser indifferent." Read more here.

02.17.10: An article by Beth Schwartzapfel called "Religion of the Pen" about me and my work appears in Brown University's Alumni Magazine. Read it here.

02.17.10: I've had my first work published in Slovenian, a section of the very difficult to translate Dark Property ably translated by Aljaz Kovac. Thanks very much, Aljaz for taking it on!

02.17.10: Bookseller Christophe Dupuis makes Père des mensonges [Father of Lies] his choice on Le Choix des Libraires, calling it "fort et troublant." Read more here. And if you visit his bookstore, Entre-Deux-Noirs, online, you'll find him referring to my La Confrérie des mutilés as "un des grands romans de 2008."

02.17.10: Yann Le Tumelin's French blog Moisson Noire says of Père des mensonges that it is "une plongée en eaux profondes, où se niche les pires ignominies et la folie schizophrène." Read the full review here.

02.17.10: Bernard conducted does a brief interview with me in the February issue of Magazine Littéraire about the French tanslation of Father of Lies.

02.17.10: If you have the right plug-in, you'll be able to watch me on the French TV program Un Livre un jour speaking in questionable French about my novel Father of Lies [Père des mensonges]. You can check it out here.

02.17.10:The Lifted Brow, the biannual attack journal that is Australia's answer to everything, has published my piece about Niue in their Atlas of the World issue. Read more here.

02.17.10: My story "The Cardiacs" appears in Diagram's 10th Anniversary special issue. The design for the issue is amazing: it's a deck of cards; my story is the 5 of Hearts. Check it out here.

02.16.10: Opium magazine has published in its ninth issue my dear friend B. K. Evenson's "Notes for a Sequel to B. K. Evenson's Aliens: No Exit" Congratuations, B. K.!

02.16.10: mudluscious press has published an anthology of their first year of mini-chapbooks in a volume called mlp {first year}. Included is my piece "They" as well as work by Joanna Ruocco, Molly Gaudry, Eugene Lim, Blake Butler, David Ohle, Michael Stewart, Michael Kimball, and many, many others.

02.16.10: University of Nebraska Press has published Annie Ernaux's Things Seen, with a foreword by me, as part of the French Voices series. To see it, go here.

02.16.10: It's been weeks since I've updated this site largely due to a surgery in January that turned out well. To see the new scar, go here. Now, it feels like if I pull on my ear (utterly numb, the nerve still growing back) just right it'll peel gently off my face, which makes me feel like I've become a character in one of my own novels... Since I've written I've had a book published in French translation, won a prize for Best Horror novel, and published a few stories here and there. You'll find out all about those things in the posts above, which hopefully will follow very soon.

12.20.09: Keith Leslie Johnson has just published a very thoughtful and perceptive review of Fugue State in American Book Review. For Jonson, "Evenson is essentially our poet laureate of violence." You can read it here.

12.17.09: Le Magazine des Livres has published an interview that Bartleby did with me, along with a short but excellent commentary in its November/December 2009 issue.

12.15.09: Roy Kesey describes The Wavering Knife as the ideal book for holiday giving here. Thanks, Roy!

11.20.09: The inestimable Michael Miller has reviewed my limited edition novella Baby Leg in Time Out New York. "Baby Leg maps out its own thorny epistemological territory, suggesting that... there isn’t a dominant reality but rather multiple, conflicting and coexistent realities. That Evenson can make these conflicting versions of the real overlap so seamlessly is yet another testament to his twisted sensibility and his creepy gifts." Read more here. To purchase Baby Leg, go here.

11.18.09: The online version of Rain Taxi has just published a review of Fugue State by Katie Haegele. "Evenson circles his subjects like a buzzard, creating a feeling of dread from that dizzy height." Go here to read the rest.

11.14.09: Pen America has just published my story "Windeye", both online and in the magazine. You can read it here.

11.14.09: Bookbabble's latest podcast offers a conversation with me talking about critical theory, genre, and all sorts of other things. You can listen to it here.

11.13.09: The translation Joanna Howard and I did of Marcel Cohen's Walls has just come out from Black Square Editions in a really lovely edition. Michael Leong has published the first review of it in which he says, of it, among other things: "A compendium of aphoristic passages, a flipbook of presences and absences, an exquisitely minimalist travelogue-cum-commonplace book, a remembrance of things past by way of the fragment: it is difficult to categorize this text... but it is quite easy to appreciate its grave acumen and elegance." Read the rest of Leong's review here.

11.10.09: The Faster Times has just published an interview that Michael Kimball did with me. You can read it here.

11.10.09: Of Blog of the Fallen includes two of my books, Last Days and Fugue State, on its Best of 2009 (Tenative) Longlist (51 books total). To see the other books on the list, go here.

11.09.09: Zak Sally's comics anthology Like a Dog includes the collaboration we did together, "Dread." You can find more details here.

11.09.09: Jordan Schilling very kindly recommends my work at the Drexel Publishing Group online site. Thanks, Jordan!

10.31.09: Lovecraft Unbound, edited by Ellen Datlow, is now available. It includes my story "The Din of Celestial Birds" as well as strong pieces by Caitlin Kiernan, Laird Baron, and others. Check it out here.

10.31.09: Library of America's two volume American Fantastic Tales, edited by Peter Straub, is now out. I'm really pleased that the second volume includes my story "The Wavering Knife."

10.30.09: Gigantic has published a Halloween interview I did with Adrian Van Young about horror and horror films. You can see it here. (The film I wish I'd talked about that I didn't think to mention at the time is Tod Browning's The Unknown: one of my all-time favorite films.)
    I also make Young's top ten horror stories list, coming in at #5 with "The Installation." See the whole list here.

10.23.09: Check out Shigekuni's thoughtul and lucid review of Last Days, found here. "It's both a joy and a challenge to read Evenson's books, and they are all highly recommended."

10.22.09: I have a short piece in Last Drink Bird Head, an anthology the proceeds of which will go to Pro-Literacy. Among the other 80 writers included are Peter Straub, Conrad Williams, Rikki Ducornet, Jeffrey Ford, and many others. It's a unique anthology and one worth supporting. Read more about it here.

10.20.09: Brian on BSC, kindly lists both The Open Curtain and Last Days as among the top fifty books of the decade and then suggests "Brian Evenson is quite possibly the most original writer we have today." To see the rest of his list, go here.

10.05.09: Jeff Jefferson offers an exhaustive and quite perceptive narratological exploration of my story "Virtual" here.

09.24.09: Check out Edward Champion's smart and thoughtful interview with me on The Bat Segundo Show. We talk, among other things, about Fugue State, The Third Policemen, horror, Antoine Volodine, phenomenological writing, and etc. We don't talk about bats, but maybe next time. Check it out here.

09.22.09: The Fiction Advocate discusses a 54-word sentence from my story "Helpful" and does an excellent job unpacking the dynamics of the sentence. You can look at it here.

09.21.09: Blu Gilliand in Dark Scribe Magazine speaks about my story "The Din of Celestial Birds" in his review of Ellen Datlow's forthcoming edited collection Lovecraft Unbound. Check it out here. It's an excellent lineup.

09.21.09: Take a look at SMD's review of Last Days here. "Last Days is one of the most twisted books I have ever read, and yet it is strangely addictive, almost infectious."

09.20.09: The Books of My Life says that Last Days "is full of the unexpected, as Evenson manages to take a unique topic and approach it in a unique way keeping you reading and never sure what's going to happen next." Read more here. Thanks, Julie.

09.15.09: The latest entry in Blake Butler's story by story review of Fugue State, a reading of the story "Alfons Kuylers", can be found here. For the full set,

09.14.09:The What Stories Do blog has a very thoughtful and articulate post about my story "The Father, Unblinking," by Kayla. You can check it out here.

09.13.09: For a special offer for the Limited Edition of Last Days, go to Jeff Vandermeer's Ecstatic Days blog, here.

09.12.09: My story "The Tunnel" is the lead piece in the latest issue of Dossier, issue no. 4.

09.09.09:The latest issue of The Review of Contemporary Fiction has a smart review of Last Days by Mark Tursi. "This is a story of extremity in every sense of the word.... But, it is also a viciously funny pastiche of detective fiction and horror stories, as well as a stinging and relentless critique of human depravity and irrationality." Thanks Mark!

09.07.09:The latest issue of Bookforum has an excellent review of Fugue State by Ceridwen Dovey that you can get to online here. "Evenson’s is an immensely powerful collection, itself a little dangerous... The syntax of the sentences might rewire your head." Thanks, Ceridwen and Bookforum!

09.05.09: Flatmancrooked has just published a very fine review of Fugue State, by Steve Owen. "Brian Evenson is the contemporary inheritor of the newest irrealist tradition, a postmodern torchbearer gleefully smashing preconceptions about truth. Think: Franz Kafka tag-teamed by H.P. Lovecraft and Jacques Derrida. Think: Jorge Luis Borges French kissed by David Lynch and Gilles Deleuze." Check it out here.

08.28.09: The incomparable Large Hearted Boy has published my story-by-story music notes for Fugue State. You can check it out here.

08.28.09: Ryan Chapman writes about my novella Dark Property at his blog, saying "like the best novels of ideas, the questions raised here continue to develop in your head long after the last page." Read it here.

08.24.09: Check out Sam Costello's 52 word review of Fugue State: "The stories sing with violence, black humor..." Costello's project—writing 52 book reviews of 52 words each over 52 weeks—is definitely worth a closer look.

08.16.09: Take a look at The Collagist, a great new online journal edited by Matt Bell. And while you're at it, check out Ryan Call's three part review of Fugue State in the same issue, which includes close readings of the stories "Younger" and "The Adjudicator" and "Fugue State." Says Call, "And what do we see in Evenson’s stories but a part of Being that we try to avoid in our own lives as much as possible? It is the part that we hope to ignore until the very last possible moment, until all other methods of escape have dropped away, leaving us wide-eyed, distraught, fully associated now with our greatest fears... Is it odd to suggest that Evenson’s words are so powerful, so carefully strung together that they can wrap us in other worlds of his creation, thus briefly dissociating us from the sometimes unpleasant happenings of our own?" See more here.

08.16.09: Arthur magazine just reprinted the story "Younger" from Fugue State online. Check it out here.

08.16.09: Writer Blake Butler is in the middle of a massive and amazing project. He's writing long reviews of each of the stories in Fugue State sometimes posting them on his blog, sometimes on other places. He's done fifteen of the seventeen stories so far, and his comments are smart, writerly, and very perceptive--exactly what any writer would hope for. At the end of this message are links to individual stories. I'll update this post when more are added and slide it to the top.
1. Younger
2. A Pursuit
3. Mudder Tongue
4. An Accounting
5. Desire with Digressions
6. Dread (with Zak Sally)
7. Girls in Tents
8. Wander
9. In The Greenhouse
10. Ninety Over Ninety
11. Invisible Box
12. The Third Factor
13. Bauer in the Tyrol
14. Helpful
15. Life without Father
16. Alfons Kuylers
17. Fugue State
18. Traub in the City

08.16.09: David Agranoff offers a review of Last Days on his blog Postcards for a Dying World, calling it "a brutal horror bizarro detective story. Evenson's dialogue in this book is perfect choppy noir with lots of short snappy comical exchanges." You can see the rest here.

08.16.09: I've just gotten my copy of the fourth issue of Unsaid, which includes my story "The Second Boy" and Bjorn Verenson's "The Basis of my Gospel." It's an amazing issue, almost 500 pages, and includes work by Anne Carson, Peter Markus, Michael Kimball, Joanna Howard, David Ohle, Dawn Raffel and many, many more.

08.04.09: Check out Jonathan Messinger's fine review of Fugue State in Time Out Chicago. He suggests that "laughter can be an effective tool of the horror writer, and Evenson is its finest practitioner." Here's the rest.

08.04.09: Fugue State is the Daily Dose pick for Flavorwire. Says Chelsea Bauch, "The stories’ subjects are by turns disturbing and hauntingly plausible... Throughout this roller coaster of psychological provocations, Evenson holds the reader with restrained language and endless imagination." Thanks, Chelsea. More here.

08.04.09: The latest issue of the print journal Puerto del Sol opens with my translation of Eric Chevillard's story "Faldoni." There's also a review of Last Days by Mike Meginnis in the same issue: "The horror of the grotesque is always fundamentally the horror of empathy, which is to say a confusion of bodies. Evenson's achievement lies in intensifying and exploring the power and mystery of that experience."

08.04.09: John Madera has just written a smart and generous review of Fugue State for Open Letters. "Evenson’s Fugue State is as filled with exquisite language as it is meticulously arranged; his sentences swirl and surround you in their incredible complexity and their emotional layers. They often terrify, in a visceral but also in a deeply psychological way." Read the rest here.

08.03.09: I'm honored to have my story "The Wavering Knife" included in a new Library of America volume: America's Fantastic Tales: Terror and Uncanny from the 1940s to Now. The company is very good: there's also work by Kelly Link, John Cheever, George Saunders, Jeff Vandermeer, Vladimir Nabokov, Shirley Jackson, Thomas Ligotti, John Crowley and many others. The full table of contents are here.

08.03.09: The latest issue of Fawlt Magazine, the Apathy issue, has three collaborations between myself and photographer John Sellekaers. To see them, go here.

08.03.09: Scott Abbott's blog, The Goalie's Anxiety takes a look at Fugue State: "There are musical fugues and psychological fugues. Brian Evenson's polyphonic new book of psychological short stories, Fugue State, adds the literary fugue to the list." Read more here.

08.03.09: Blake Butler says some very kind things about my work at the end of an interview he did with Ben Spivey, here.

07.24.09: Check out Ross Simonini's perceptive and generous review of Fugue State in the Los Angeles Times. He says, among other things, "Brian Evenson is the Donald Barthelme of psychological horror." To read the full review go here.

07.22.09: The limited edition hardback of Last Days is now available though already mostly sold. Only 75 copies printed, each with a signed and lettered/numbered dustjacket upon which I've handwritten a sentence from the book (first copy has the first sentence, last has the last sentence, with everything else arranged in order in between. You can look at it or buy it here, at Underland Press. Or you can start with my page on it, here.

07.22.09: This fall New York Tyrant is doing a limited edition of a novella of mine, Baby Leg, as the launch title for their book wing (it'll be followed by books by Eugene Marten and Michael Kimball). It's a hardcover edition of 400 copies, signed and numbered. Advance orders are $30, with the price going up to $35 after release. To read about it go here.

07.22.09: Bookmunch calls Fugue State "an absolute must-read collection of stories." To read the full review go here.

07.22.09: Kimberly King Parsons in Time Out New York gives Fugue State five stars and says "The specific genius of Fugue State rests in subtlety, in Evenson’s ability to maintain suspense, dread and paranoia through utter linguistic control." Thanks, Kimberly! To read the full review go here.

07.22.09: The fabulous Bookslut has published Drew Toal's interview with me. Here it is.

07.22.09: Fence's 21st issue prints the text of a non-realist panel I was part of with Joyelle McSweeney, Eric Lorberer, Laird Hunt, and Kate Bernheimer.

07.22.09: Dzanc Books has just published Short Story Month: A Collection of Essays and Reviews on the Art of the Story, which contains, among 160 reviews of stories by everybody under the sun, pieces on several of my stories: "Story Barkers," "Garker's Aestheticals," "Younger," and "The Moldau Case." Proceeds from the book go toward Dzanc's charitable programs. Check the book out here.

07.22.09: My story Prairie, from Contagion has made an electronic appearance on a blog called The Evending Redness in the West. To read the full story go here.

07.22.09: Steve Owen, one of the editors at Flatmancrooked, includes two of my stories in his ideal experimental fiction anthology: "Two Brothers" and "White Square". Thanks, Steve! To read his and the other editors' choices, go here.

07.02.09: Brian Lindenmuth at the BSC Review says of Fugue State "No one writes about characters in disassociative states better then Brian Evenson." See the full review here.

06.30.09: Paul Di Filippo has just published an excellent review of Fugue State in June 30th issue of the The Barnes and Noble Review. "Evenson’s protagonists exhibit immense and quintessentially human energies: they may ultimately go down to defeat, but they do so without granting easy victories to their oppressors -- even if the tormentor proves to be one’s own dark doppelgänger." See it here.

06.30.09: Apostrophe Cast has just published an interview with me as well as a podcast of me reading my story "Younger". The interview is here and the story podcast here.

06.30.09: The Cleveland Plain Dealer in has just published Craig Morgan Teicher's review of Fugue State. "These 19 satisfying and surreal stories plumb the psyches of murderers, paranoids, frightened children, bitter ex-husbands, religious zealots in post-apocalyptic worlds and people whose fleeting sanity will be gone by story's end. Evenson takes even his most fanciful characters seriously even as he partakes of gallows humor; this book is as packed with subtly hilarious sentences as haunting images." See it here.

06.29.09: BookFox says of Fugue State "The stories in "Fugue State" will haunt you. Brian Evenson has a remarkable ability to come up with creepy tales that won't be extracted from your head... these are wholly original creations that frighten in unexpected ways." Thanks, John! Read more here.

06.09.09: Robert Glick has just published a review of Last Days in American Book Review. For Glick, "Questions of groupthink, masculinity, and violence connect Last Days with the work of Chuck Palahniuk" and Last Days interrogates "the murky area between the genres of noir and horror."

06.09.09: Duncan Barlow has posted a review of Last Days on the Astrophil Press website. He says," Evenson, much like Laird Hunt and Stanislaw Lem, creates flat characters and dialog that don’t come across as lazy writing, but as precise machines that satisfy their duties with charm and class." (There's also talk about whether using a severed head to break out a pane of glass in a door is a gendered act.) Thanks, Duncan!

06.09.09: ForeWord says of Last Days, "Crisply written, the stories deliver as much gore as horror."

06.09.09: <HTMLGIANT>. offers two posts by Blake Butler identifying his favorite sentences in two stories from my just about released collection Fugue State along with links to longer pieces. You can see them here and here.

06.06.09: Chazz W.'s blog calls Last Days "The ultimate dismemberment-mutilation book... Evenson gives us a bizarre milieu, yet it’s couched in such fine hard-boiled matter of fact language, that it’s a page turner." He gives it 3 1/2 stars.

06.01.09: Powell's Boostore's blog features a guest post from me talking about the latest issue of Conjunctions, called Betwixt the Between, which I co-edited with Bradford Morrow. Check it out here.

05.31.09: Dan Wickett at Emerging Writers Network has a very nice piece about an earlier story of mine, "Garker's Aestheticals", as part of the Short Story Month project. He also had a piece on a more recent story, "The Moldau Case", earlier in the month, also nice and perceptive. Thanks, Dan! You can take a look at the first here, and the second here.

05.28.09: And Now the Screaming Starts blog has published an early piece on my forthcomingcollection Fugue State, calling it "a break out work... For fans of Evenson's darker stuff, this is a brilliant showcase for his capacities as a writer. For anybody unfamiliar with Evenson, this book is the place to start." Check it out here.

05.23.09: Stephen J. McDermott at Storyglossia has posted a piece about my story "Storybarkers: A Report from the Field", published in Unsaid #2, calling it "classic satire in the Swift tradition." Check it out here.

05.21.09: A profile I did of the bands Sunn 0))) and Earth a few years back for the print version of Arthur is now available on Arthur's website, here.

05.20.09: Publishers Weekly says of my forthcoming collection Fugue State, illustrated by Zak Sally, "Evenson accesses dark, unusual facets of human frailty, powerlessness and fear... This intense, nightmarish collection captures the fear of night terrors, when one wakes in the middle of the night, unable to move." (Read: Good bedtime reading.)

04.20.09: Large Hearted Boy, has published a new Book Notes about Last Days, in which I give a soundtrack for the book (including Sunburned Hand of the Man's No Magic Man and Scott Walker's Drift). David Gutowski says in his intro that Last Days is perhaps my "most visceral and unsettling book yet." Check it out here.

04.20.09: The Velvet has published the first review of Fugue State. Says Jesse Lawrence, "Evenson is subtle. He can devastate you and break your heart without being gratuitous. With that, there is also humor." Read more here.

04.13.09: Crimespree magazine has published Brian Lindenmuth's review of Last Days. "Often times crime fiction is billed and blurbed as being 'dark' and too often it fails to live up; flinching first and crying uncle when the story gets tough. In this unique detective novel Brian Evenson is willing to hold the gaze of the abyss and the result is a novel that isn’t likely to be forgotten anytime soon." Thanks, Brian and Crimespree.

4.13.09: The Stranger, has published Paul Constant's review of Last Days. "By shearing off extraneous elements Evenson removes all but the most necessary and important elements of mystery novels (the quest and sacrifice for truth) and reveals the horror at the core of the hunt." Thanks, Paul!

4.13.09: Issue 10 of Black Clock, the Noir issue, has published my story "The Moldau Case." But the realm gem of the issue's worth picking up for Steve Erickson's "Essential Noirs" sequence.

4.13.09: John Madera's blog has published a compendium of novellas, listing choices for best novella by more authors than you can shake a stick at. I'm part of it as well, both as a contributor and as someone whose work is recommended.

03.29.09: Between teaching and traveling to promote Last Days and a brief but amazing trip to Iceland I have a big backlog of things to mention, some of which happened a few weeks back, all of which I'll post with today's date just below this one. Last Days seems to be doing well. I just received copies of the jacket for the limited edition of it (75 copies--more information about it here) and have started signed them and handwriting lines from the book on them (different lines for each copy). Lots of blog and other reviews, as mentioned in the postings below. Also one micro-chapbook from mudluscious press, already sold out, and an online text image collaboration with artist John Sellekaers in the first issue of Wag's Revue.

03.29.09: The April issue of Fangoria has chosen Last Days as its book of the month and published a very positive review by Linda Marotta. "Brian Evenson may not yet be a household name, but if you are a fan of horror or transgressive or even just contemporary fiction, you NEED to get yourself acquainted with him pronto. Remember discovering Thomas Ligotti? Or, closer, that first brush with Dennis Cooper or Chuck Pahlniuk? You ain't seen nothing yet." Thanks, Fangoria and Linda!

03.29.09: mudluscious press has published a micro-chapbook (75 copies, I think) I wrote called "they" (very short: 963 words). It was unfortunately sold out before it actually appeared.

03.29.09: Wag's Revue has published three text/image collaborations I did with artist John Sellekaers (his images, my text). They're part of a larger collaboration we're working on, bits of which are likely to appear here and there in the coming months. To check it out, go here. (Also see Zach Baron's piece on the magazine and on my work there posted on 3/26 at the Village Voice Blog.)

03.29.09: The Quarterly Conversation has published a perceptive and well-written piece by Matt Bell on Last Days, which speaks as well about my earlier short novel Dark Property. "Page after page, [Evenson] forces us to listen to our own black murmur, and to confront what it says about us, about what truths it might one day reveal, and about how much of us—or how little—might be left after the last page is turned, when the lights finally come back on." To check it out, go here.

03.29.09: Bruce Grossman at Bookgasm calls Last Days "officially the weirdest tale I've covered here--and that's a good thing.... Evenson is truly an original writer who seems as though he is writing like some bizarre visionary." To read further, go here.

03.29.09: FC2 has posted a podcast of me speaking with Matt Kirkpatrick talking about publishing, my work, reading, etc. I say "um" a lot, but occassionally I resort to actual words as well. To listen, click here.

03.29.09: On John Scalzi's The Big Idea I speak about writing Last Days. To read more, go here.

03.29.09: Scott Abbott's blog The Goalie's Anxiety, has posted on Last Days, exploring a paradox in the text. Thanks, Scott, for your careful and generous reading. To read in full, go here.

03.29.09: Tor has posted an article (part interview, part commentary) called "Last Days in 60 seconds", by John Joseph Adams (best known as the editor of various excellent anthologies). To check it out, go here.

03.21.09: Michael Phillips has posted on Last Days on his blog My Whole Expanse I Cannot See (the name's an allusion to one of my favorite Meat Puppets songs, "Oh, Me"). He says "Last Days is really a fast-paced and unflinching waking nightmare. It appeals on a visceral level." To reader further, go here.

03.21.09: Omnivoracious has posted on Last Days, calling it "cerebral yet visceral, a great addition to that style of detective noir that exists in a space between" they've reprinted parts of the interview I did with Larry Nolen. To check it out, go here.

02.19.09: Zack Handlen in The Onion's AV Club calls Last Days "a grim, darkly hilarious riff on blind obedience and pointless self-sacrifice, often reading like the twisted offspring of Raymond Chandler and David Cronenberg." To check out the full review, go here.

02.19.09: Take a look at Zach Baron's Village Voice interview article about Last Days: "the book careens past biblical satire into full-on, blood-soaked, Beckettian absurdity." You can get to it here.

02.16.09: Check out the review of Last Days on Joe Sherry's blog Adventures in Reading: "The prose is reminiscent of a more twisted Don DeLillo... Evenson does well in putting together a compelling narrative that drags the kicking and screaming reader along until the reader has no choice but to run and keep up. It’s quite a ride." Read the full review here.

02.16.09: My translation of Jules Romains' novel, Donogoo-Tonka is just out. You can read about the novel here.

02.11.09: Last Days is out! Here's the first actual sighting of it that I've been able to confirm. The book was purchased by Nick Mamatas's dog Kazzie at Moe's bookstore. Click here to see how she feels about the book.

02.11.09: The blog, <HTMLGIANT>, has posted a long and review of Last Days. "Even as you are aware of the fact that you are reading, that you are being told, as things progress you can’t quite stop your body from having the same response you would have had if these things were indeed actually occurring on your body.... Brian Evenson is a true revelator, a blacksmith of the nightmare and the tongues, and ‘Last Days’ is his post-noir bloodcurdler...." Here's the rest. Thanks Blake!

02.11.09: Brian at has published a review of Last Days alongside reviews of Charlie Huston, Joe Lansdale, and Donald Ray Pollock. He says "Often times crime fiction is billed and blurbed as being 'dark' and too often it fails to live up; flinching first and crying uncle when the story gets tough. In this unique detective novel Brian Evenson is willing to hold the gaze of the abyss and the result is a novel that isn’t likely to be forgotten anytime soon."

02.10.09: Big in Japan? If you happen to read Japanese, you might take a look at Sachiko Kishimoto's translation into Japanese of "The Father Unblinking" in volume 55.6 of Yaseijidai. There's also an article about me by Kyoko Yoshida in the October 2008 issue of the Japanese academic journal, Albion.

02.10.09: Forms at War, the anthology chronicling the past ten years of FC2 publications, includes my story "White Square," with a brief introduction by R. M. Berry.

02.10.09: The Australians have been good to me this month. In addition to The Lifted Brow, volume 4 of Torpedo, the beautifully rendered Brautigan issue, contains a short piece called "Weasel."

02.10.09: The Australian journal The Lifted Brow has just published my story "Hurlock's Law." The issue (volume 4) also includes the likes of Jim Shepard, Sam Lipsyte, Karen Russell, Rick Moody, Deb Olin Unerth, and about a hundred others (including 2 CDs of bands). Read about it here.

02.02.09: Check out Michael Miller's very smart and perceptive review of Last Days in Time Out New York. For Miller, "the author creates a deeply literary space, a bureaucratic nightmare complete with subtle reflections on belief, community, prophets, power and reality itself. The deceptively simple prose keeps the book brisk and even gripping as its puzzles grow more craggy and complex. This is Evenson’s singular, Poe-like gift: He writes with intelligence and a steady hand, even when his characters decide to lop their own limbs off." Read the full review here.

02.02.09: OF Blog of the Fallen has just published an interview in which I talk about a variety of things, ranging from my mother's science fiction career to what apocalypse means to me. Read about it here.

02.02.09: The TONY (Time Out New York) Blog has listed Last Days as its book of the day for January 27th. "Evenson is a rigorous stylist, writing sentences that remain clear and stunning even when they’re conveying absolute terror. His new book, Last Days, is perhaps his most intense work yet..." Read about it here.

01.26.09: See Jesse Lawrence's review of Last Days on The Velvet blog here.

01.26.09: OF Blog of the Fallen has just published a review of Last Days which focuses, in part, on how the novel uses the writings of St. Paul. You can read it here.

01.25.09: If you read French, take a look at the review of Inversion [The Open Curtain] found on the dj duclock blog, here.

01.25.09: The latest issue of Context (#22) contains an article I wrote surveying Rikki Ducornet's fiction. You can read the online version here.

01.24.09: I've just updated my readings schedule for February and March. If you live in or near Chicago, Brookline MA, Providence, NYC, the Bay Area, Lincoln NE, Seattle, Portland, Bellingham WA, or Newtonville MA, maybe I'll have a chance to meet you.

01.23.09: The latest issue of Locus has published not just one by two reviews of Last Days. For Paul Witcover, "So intense is Evenson's focus on the admittedly extreme reality he sets out to explore that a kind of numinous evil comes to pervade the setting, the characters and events of the tale." Last Days is "one of the most relentlessly disturbing pieces of horror fiction I've read since Joe Hill's remarkable short story 'Best New Horror.'" According to Gary K. Wolfe, "Evenson is an extremely skilled and precise stylist" and Last Days is a "spare, bleak, and remorseless short novel, which in its own way is as minimal as something like Cormac McCarthy's The Road... what makes it really scary is its portrayal of the dynamics of obsessive group behavior, the cost of maintaining an identity in opposition to such groups, and the price of freedom."

01.22.09: The Velvet blog has just posted an interview I that Jesse Lawrence did with me. You can get to it here. Topics covered include music, religion, various of my stories, and the Aliens novel I wrote (among other things).

01.23.09: The Electronic Book Review has just published critic Marco Abel's very deft essay "Intensifying Affect," which contains a section discussing affect in my book Altmann's Tongue and Cormac McCarthy's The Road. You can read it here.

01.11.09: If you read French, you'll find a brief and nicely written review of La Confrérie des Mutilés [Last Days] here at the dj duclock blog. And another, here, at Pol'Art Noir.

01.07.09: Robert Thompson at Fantasy Book Critic calls Last Days "a cross between hard-boiled crime noir and surreal horror—think Charlie Huston meets Chuck Palahniuk by way of David Lynch... an incredibly demented and intensely unforgettable ride."

01.06.09: Hellnotes says of Last Days "Combining the wry humor of Neil Gaiman, detective prose a la Mickey Spillane and Grand Guignol set pieces reminiscent of Clive Barker, Brian Evenson mixes the varied elements into two interconnected novellas that pack a wallop" and calls my detective Kline "the Mike Hammer of amputees." Thanks to Kent Knopp-Schwyn for the review, found here.

12.15.08: My story "Legion" has just been published in the Fall/Winter issue of The Black Warrior Review.

12.31.08: Dan Wickett at the Emerging Writers Network has listed mini-reviews of my books Father of Lies, Dark Property, Contagion, Altmann's Tongue, and Aliens: No Exit. An earlier post on the same page talks about Last Days as well. Thanks, Dan!

11.30.08: If you read French, you might be interested in Olivier Lamm's interview with me for Chronic'art magazine. You can get to it here.
    For his accompanying review of La Confrérie des Mutilés, go here.

11.23.08: A new magazine, No Colony (which is the print bastard-child of two online magazines, No Posit and Lamination Colony), has published my story "Discrepancy."

11.22.08: If you read French, take a look at blogger Bartleby's smart reading of La Confrérie des Mutilés. You can get to it here.

11.22.08: My story "The Adjudicator" has just been published in Conjunctions: 51, The Death Issue.

11.22.08: Sidebrow's first print issue is out, beautifully and elaborately formatted to allow you to read it either linearly or to thread your way eccentrically through. It has three pieces by me in it: "Stung," "Scene," and "Esquisse," all part of the Mother, I project. Check it out here.

11.05.08: I have a story, called "Body," in Peter Straub's Poe's Children: The New Horror anthology. Great work there by Dan Chaon, Elizabeth Hand, M. John Harrison, Kelly Link, Jonathan Carroll, Thomas Ligotti, Joe Hill, Stephen King, Graham Joyce, John Crowley and many others. It's an anthology that builds on what Straub did in the New Wave Fabulist issue of Conjunctions in very productive ways. Whatever you thought you knew about either horror or literature, Poe's Children is likely to make your understanding of the possibilities (and intersections) of both a lot richer.

11.02.08: I've just been away at MacDowell, trying to jumpstart a new project, so there's a lot to update, particularly for the French version of Last Days, called La Confrérie des Mutilés, which has been getting a lot of good press in France, including an excellent piece in Les Inrockuptibles by Raphaëlle Leyris, a smart review in Le Monde by Pierre-Robert Leclercq, Christine Fernot's strong piece in Télérama, and many others. It all seems to bode well for Last Days' release in the US in a few months. You can see excerpts of all of that press and find links to longer pieces here.

10.10.08: Jeff and Ann Vandermeer's New Weird anthology, which includes my story "Watson's Boy," has been translated into Romanian and Czech. In Romanian it's called "Baiatul Lui Watson" (with one accent I can't figure out how to html). In Czech it goes by "Watsonuv Chlapec" (same accent problem). It's my first translation into either language.

10.05.08: Thanks to Talia Reed for her piece on The Open Curtain in The South Bend Tribune.

10.01.08: The lastest issue of Tin House (#37, "The Political Future"), contains my essay "The Refiner's Fire," about what it was like growing up in the most conservative state in the USA (Utah). There's also work by two of my idols, Jose Saramago and Slavoj Zizek.

10.01.08: If you speak French, check out Fabrice Colin's excellent online interview with me at Fluctuat. Colin asks questions about La Confrérie des Mutilés (just published in France, and to appear as Last Days in English in February 2009). He also reviews the novel, which he very kind calls "surtout, un tour de force littéraire d'une vigueur inédite." The review (and a link to the interview) can be found here.

09.30.08: Detroit: Stories, published by The Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, contains my translation of visual artist and writer Gerard Titus-Carmel's "Landing Point." There's also Peter Markus's interview with Gary Lutz and work by Robert Lopez, Chris Tysh, David McLendon, Noy Holland, and many others.

09.27.08: Lot 49 and the magazine inculte have just published Face à Pynchon, a collection of essays and appreciations of Thomas Pynchon by French and European authors. Included are Elfriede Jelinek, Richard Powers, Claro, Michael Moorcock, Rick Moody, Percival Everett, Joanna Scott, Laird Hunt and many others. I have a short piece called "La Répétition des Symboles" about The Crying of Lot 49, translated by Barbara Schmidt. For more details about the book, go here.

09.26.08: The French online magazine Men'sUp has named La Confrérie des Mutilés their book of the week.

09.25.08: The French translation of Last Days has just appeared, under the title La Confrérie des Mutilés in Le Cherche-Midi's excellent Lot 49 series. The translation, by Françoise Smith, is very good, and the book itself is beautiful. If you don't read French, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until February for the English original.

09.15.08: John Joseph Adams' anthology of zombie stories, The Living Dead, reprints (along with work by Stephen King, Kelly Link, Clive Barker, Sherman Alexie, Joe Hill, and many others) my story "Prairie." Check out the anthology here.

09.04.08: Inversion [the French translation of The Open Curtain] has just been reissued in a mass market paperback from the French publisher 10/18. For more information and for a glimpse of the cover (which is terrific), go here.

08.23.08: Black Clock 9 is just out and is an election-related issue, with great stories by Jeff Vandermeer, Lynn Tillman, and many others, as well as a great Primary Notes by Rick Moody, Steve Erickson, Michael Ventura, and Jonathan Lethem. I've also got a story called "The Body Politic."

08.22.08:McSweeney's 28 is out, and it's gorgeous: eight small individually hardbound illustrated minibooks in a specially designed case, one of which is a fable of mine, "The Girl and the Book." Other contributors (in no particular order) are Ryan Boudinot, Nathan Englander, Sheila Heti, Daniel Alarcon, Sarah Manguso, Tayari Jones, and Arthur Bradford.

08.20.08: Brian Lindenmuth has just published a great review of The Open Curtain on, which contains one of my all-time favorite lines from a review: "If Jim Thompson were alive today he'd want to write a novel like this." Thanks, Brian!

08.01.08: If you're interested in seeing what a writer I'm pseudonymously connected to, Bjorn Verenson, has been up to lately, check out the beautifully produced and handsewn first issue of Birkensnake ( edited by Joanna Ruocco and Brian Conn) in which Bjorn speaks his mind in a letter at the beginning of the volume that doesn't appear in the table of contents. Also includes great work by David Ohle, Joanna Howard, Tina Connolly and others. Hard to beat for $4, and going fast.

07.28.08: The French blog Bartleby les Yeux Ouverts has published an interview with me, translated into French. Bartleby's questions are excellent and thoughtful, covering everything from my connection to Deleuzian notions to my relation to my former faith. If you read French you can get to it here.

07.18.08: Fric-Frac Club has posted a interview/author questionnaire with me, translated into French. You can get to it here.

06.16.08: The Spring 2008 issue of The New Review of Literature has published a new story "Bitter Music." Also included is work by Dennis Barone, Ben Lerner and others, as well as an essay by Douglas Messerli on The Third Man.

06.16.08: The latest issue of Cranbook Academy of Art's Literary journal Listen Up, this issue edited by Peter Markus, includes an excerpt from my novel Last Days, forthcoming from Underland Press in February of 2009.

05.27.08: New Translation Available. My translation of Jean Fremon's book on visual artist Robert Ryman, The Paradoxes of Robert Ryman, has just appeared from Black Square/TBR Press.

05.05.08: The latest issue of Conjunctions, fresh off the press for Cinco de Mayo, contains as one of its fifty entries my "Angel of Death." Also great work by Rick Moody, Nam Le, Rikki Ducornet, William Gass, Shelley Jackson and many, many others.

05.04.08: Thanks to storySouth which listed my story "Midsummer" as a notable story of 2007 in their Million Writers Award.

04.03.08: For those of you who read French, take a look at the excellent reading of "The Sanza Affair," a novella in my first book, Altmann's Tongue, on Le Festin Mue blog. You can see it here.

03.29.08: Dennis Cooper's smart and provocative blog has just posted an interview that Mark Doten did with me, in which he got me to be more honest than usual. You can see it here. Thanks to both Dennis and Mark for the support and for their kind words.

02.11.08: "Watson's Boy" has just been reprinted in Ann and Jeff Vandermeer's The New Weird anthology, alongside stories by China Miéville, Jeffrey Ford, Kathe Koje, Michael Moorcock, Cliver Barker, and many others. There's also a history of the term, including the original debates first defining it, and a "new weird round robin." I'm delighted to be part of it.

01.01.08: You know the apocalypse is near when writers start appearing on a calendar. I'm the month of October for Hobart magazine's 2008 calendar. The images, taken from a film by Eric Barkin I was in, have me looking very much like a revolutionary from 1920s Russia. Available free with a Hobart subscription. For more information go here.

01.01.08: Soft Skull Press has released Steven Lee Beeber's anthology of insomnia stories, Awake!: A Reader for the Sleepless. I've got a piece in it, "Invisible Box," and I also translated a fine piece by Claro for it, "And So They Sleep." Lots of great pieces, and quite a range: everybody from Lydia Lunch to Louis Bourgeois. Check it out if you have a chance.

01.01.08: Columbia: A Journal has published a new nautical story of mine, "Alfons Kuylers." The same issue includes work by Matt Derby, Deb Olin Unferth, Jenny Boully, and many others. Happy New Year.

12.05.07: Director Jason Martin's short film The Language of Birds, which uses as its text my story "Altmann's Tongue," is now available on You Tube. You can get to it here. Enjoy!

12.04.07: I have a new piece in Richard Truhlar and Beverley Daurio's fiction anthology The Closets of Time, published by Mercury Press. In it, each writer was asked to write a story using the title "The Closets of Time." Lance Olsen, John Shirley, and Gary Barwin are among those included. It's a unique and unusual anthology.

11.30.07: The Open Curtain is now available in Italian translation, very ably rendered by Enrico Monti, from ISBN Edizioni. It's being called La Colpa [Guilt]. For more information, go here.

11.15.07: The Open Curtain has received a Lilly Award in the Crime Fiction category! Thanks very much to the League of Independent Literature (LIL) for choosing the book.

10.29.07: I've just done a short piece on literary decapitations for the "Headless" issue of Carolyn Kellogg and University of Pittsburgh's online magazine Hot Metal Bridge. You can check it out here.

10.15.07: My first comic collaboration (and hopefully not my last), "Dread," illustrated by Zak Sally, has just been published in the Fall 2007 issue of the Fantagraphics comics anthology MOME. If you don't know Zak Sally's work or his press La Mano, he's doing great things.

08.24.07: "An Accounting," has just been reprinted in Best American Fantasy, the new yearly anthology edited by Matthew Cheney. The work in this issue was chosen by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, who are on the front lines of the new wave fabulist battle to blur the lines between so-called literary and so-called genre fiction. Lots of great work here, including fiction by Kelly Link, Elizabeth Hand, Chris Adrian, Kevin Brockmeier, and Maile Chapman.

08.17.07: "Invisible Box," a short story about sex and mimes, has just appeared in Steve Erickson's and Cal Arts' Black Clock. Lots of great writing throughout the issue.

08.17.07: "Ninety Over Ninety," a comic novella about the publishing world, has just appeared in New York Tyrant. I'll be reading in New York in late August to celebrate the magazine.

08.17.07: Naropa's Bombay Gin magazine #33, has reprinted an excerpt from Father of Lies and a short tribute to the Welsh poet who was my mentor, Leslie Norris.

07.03.07: "An Accounting," a short story about post-disaster America, has just been reprinted in Justin Taylor's The Apocalypse Reader, which also includes stories by Rick Moody, Shelley Jackson, Gary Lutz, Deb Unferth, Kelly Link, and others.

07.03.07: The recently published O. Henry Awards Prize Stories 2007 anthologizes my story "Mudder Tongue" (which the Publisher's Weekly review of the O. Henry volume described as "immensely frightening"), a story that first appeared in McSweeney's. There's a great William Trevor story in the same volume, as well as impressive stories by Christine Schutt, Yannick Murphy, and others.

07.03.07: The latest issue of The Mid-American Review contains a good review of The Open Curtain, written by Jennifer Bryan. "Evenson combines the best of beautiful prose, complex and engaging characters, and a suspense-filled story to keep the reader engaged until the end."

06.20.07: The International Horror Guild has just announced that The Open Curtain is a finalist for a 2006 IHG Award in the best novel category! Thanks IHG! The winner will be announced on November 1st at the World Fantasy Convention.

06.20.07: I've just heard that The Open Curtain has been chosen as a finalist for the 2007 Paterson Fiction Prize, by judge Laura Boss. Thanks to the Poetry Center and all those who made this possible.

06.04.07: The scholarly journal Sympoke has published, in the "forum" section of issue #14, "Taking Things for Granted," a brief essay I wrote on the state of contemporary fiction. The forum contains other brief essays as well by Susan Steinberg, Lance Olsen, R.M. Berry and Michael Joyce, and in the body of the journal there is a truly excellent essay on William Gaddis by Marc Chénetier.

05.12.07: My story, "th DigresDesire wisions," has appeared in Conjunctions: 48, Faces of Desire.

05.01.07: An older story, "Stockwell," has been reprinted online at Wet Asphalt, an interesting blog-like lit-mag. Check them out if you get a chance.

04.12.07: Claire Juillard's positive review of Inversion [The Open Curtain] has just been printed in Le Nouvel Observateur. "C'est un livre qui brûle les yeux.... Brian Evenson convoque son lecteur à une étrange cérémonie, une expérience inédite, l'initiation à des états modifiés de la conscience. On en ressort sidéré mais admiratif."

04.08.07: A brief story, "City," has just appeared in Detroit: Imaginary Cities, edited by writer Lynn Crawford and put out by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

04.03.07: A radio play I originally wrote for SEXO (Seattle Experimental Opera) has appeared in The Modern Review.

04.01.07: Thanks to Hadley Ross for her fine review of The Open Curtain in the Spring 2007 issue of Rain Taxi. "Evenson makes a devastating case that the same elements of a religion that make one devotee a faithful and obedient member of the community—repressive rules of behavior, isolation from nonbelievers, unquestionable doctrines—can produce despair and violence in another."

03.15.07: The Open Curtain has been purchased by ISBN Edizioni for an Italian translation, to be translated by Enrico Monti. This will be my first book to be translated into Italian.

03.10.07: John Domini's review of The Open Curtain has been published in The American Book Review. "Call it a slasher story seeking a higher purpose."

03.01.07: The Brooklyn Rail has just published Jim Feast's review of The Open Curtain . "Evenson ties his Mormon belief to stories of horror and Gothic romance, and by combining and interrogating these genres, he is also studying and distancing himself from a religion that is presumably masked in narrative constructs. So, by a disturbing and unsettling entwining of genres, Evenson both deconstructs his own belief system and offers the reader two version of terror, each with its own frisson."

02.23.07: Inversion [The Open Curtain] has been been reviewed in Le Monde by Nils C. Ahl. "Dans Inversion la question ne semble pas tante de savoir s'il existe plusiers réalités, ou si l'une l'emporte sur l'autre, que d'explorer la confusion des perceptions, l'éparpillement progressif des identit´s et des désirs.... Parfois consid´ré come un érivain de romans d'horreur, Brian Evenson ne s'y aventure que pour mieux rejoindre Kafka ou Poe—avec une pointe de Ballard et un zeste de Stephen King."

02.08.07: KRCW's Bookworm program has just made available online an interview I did with Michael Silverblatt. You can listen to it or get the podcast here. There are a lot of great interviews at Bookworm — including recent ones with Lynn Tillman and Dave Eggers—and Silverblatt is always smart and provocative.

02.06.07: Check out the smart, thoughtful review of The Open Curtain by T. B. Grennan in University of Virginia's literary magazine Meridian: "He's a writer so good you want to tell your friends about him, but don't because you're afraid of what they might think of you.... Evenson's sure hand with pacing allow[s] him to create gorgeous. disturbing scenes that generate a feeling of growing panic that never feels cheap or forced."

02.02.07: An interview with Leonard Schwartz on the program Cross Cultural Poetics, including my reading from The Open Curtain and from my translation of Claro's Electric Flesh, is now available at Penn Sound.

01.19.07: The Mystery Writers of America have just announced that The Open Curtain is a finalist for a 2006 Edgar Award in the Paperback Original category! The Edgars, named after Edgar Allan Poe, honor the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction, television, and film published or produced in 2006.

01.09.07: The First French Review of The Open Curtain has been published in Les Inrockuptibles. "Inversion [the French title] est le récit d'une plongée dans la folie, d'un monstrueux retour du refoulé, qui brouille les repères entre le réel et l'imaginaire. Un thriller fascinant et d´rangeant, qui creuse profond dans la psyché, et fonctionne d'autant mieux qu'il se contente de lancer des indices avant de laisser l'imagination du lecteur faire son travail. Au fur et à mesure que Rudd grandit et que le livre progess, la confusion entre le fantasme et la réalité s'épaissait, pour laisser le lecteur pantois avec un chapitre final d'une force ahurissante, un tour de force glaçant." Thanks to Raphaëlle Leyris for a great intelligent review.

01.08.07: The Open Curtain has just appeared in French translation, under the title Inversion, published in Le Cherche-Midi Editeurs' Lot 49 series.

01.08.07: Michael Miller has chosen The Open Curtain as one of the ten best books of 2006 for Time Out New York! He says "You get the sense that Evenson could extract a horror story from the Rockette's Christmas Spectactular, but his latest novel, in which a Mormon youth becomes enthralled with a ritualistic murder, makes a highly engaging beeline for mayhem.... the coup is in the final act, in which the antihero's shapshifting sense of reality escalates into the year's most mindtweaking fit of writing."

01.07.07: Thanks to Sam Coale for his review of The Open Curtain in The Providence Journal, which calls the book a "wonderfully strange, mesmerizing, eerie page-turner of a novel... We watch and hold our breath as Evenson leads us down dark paths into the darker underbrush of the human mind."

11.09.06: The first page of Andrew Ervin's beautifully written review of The Open Curtain for The Believer is now up on The Believer's website. "The final fifty pages of Brian Evenson's new novel, The Open Curtain, contain some of the most stunning and virtuosic fiction I have ever read. Seriously."
   To read more, go here.

11.09.06: Thanks to Rod Smith for an insightful and generous review of The Open Curtain in Time Out New York which calls the book "one of the year's creepiest and most resonant thrillers."
   To read the full review, go here.

11.09.06: Thanks to Lance Olson and the fine people at Now What? for a review of The Open Curtain which calls my work in general "...its own sprightly menaced thing, and one of the most important projets being undertaken..."
   The review is available here.

11.08.06: David Gutowsky's Largehearted Boy has published a Book Notes entry for Claro's Electric Flesh, a book that I translated. It contains both his soundtrack and my soundtrack for his wonderfully carnivalesque book.
   To find out more, go here.

11.02.06: The Elegant Variation, Mark Sarvas's lit blog, has published a guest review by Matthew Tiffany of The Open Curtain. Lots of other great reviews on the site as well, and great recommendations as well (for instance for Sheila Heti's Ticknor). "The Open Curtain is one of those books that you want to tell people about....absolutely riveting..."
   To find out more, go here.

11.01.06: The excellent Bookslut has published an interview that I did with Angela Stubbs about The Open Curtain. To find out more, go here.
   Also check out Angela's blog which is great and talks a little more about my work.

10.31.06: Condalmo, Mark Tiffany's blog, has published an interview I did with Mark about The Open Curtain.
   To find out more, go here.

10.29.06: Rosemary Herbert 's Mystery Round-Up has some nice things to say about The Open Curtain in The Washington Post. "[A] shocking novel of murder and madness... produces scintillating sparks.... As the action progresses, Evenson compellingly spells out what it means to be a truly lost soul."
   To find out more, go here.

10.26.06: "Altmann's Tongue" Broadside. Patrick Masterson produced a handsome limited edition (150 copies) broadside of my story "Altmann's Tongue" to commemorate a reading I did at University of Alabama. Here's a picture of the theater's marquee with my name in lights, courtesy of A. M. Weinstein.
    To find out more, go here.

10.19.06: Matthew Tiffany's Condalmo blog has nice comments on the experience of reading The Open Curtain. It's a good blog, with useful comments on a lot of books.

10.12.06: Large Hearted Boy has just put out a "soundtrack" listing they asked me to do for The Open Curtain--songs I see as related to the book in some way. If you don't know their Book Notes series it's worth checking out: great pieces by Laird Hunt, Ander Monson (who apparently only listens to Low), and others. My soundtrack can be found here.

10.04.06: Justin Taylor's excellent review of The Open Curtain has appeared on Econoculture. "This is a tremendous, harrowing novel; an utter pleasure to be beguiled and terrified by." The same review also contains a generous and inspired reading of Father of Lies. You can get to it here.

10.03.06: Jonathan Messinger has written up The Open Curtain for Time Out Chicago. " of his generation's most arresting, invigorating and, yes, frightening writers." The article, called "Blood Meridian" also contains an amazing caricature of me. You can get to it here.

10.02.06: Scott Abbott's excellent review of The Open Curtain, "Mormon Civilization and its schizophrenic discontents," has just appeared at Catalyst Magazine, a Utah arts magazine available both online and in print: "This novel is David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet' staged behind Provo's white picket fences."

10.02.06: Friedrich Dürrenmatt's Selected Works: Vols 1, 2, and 3 have now been published by University of Chicago Press . I wrote the introduction for the third volume, Dürrenmatt's Essays.

09.07.06: Claro's Electric Flesh, which I translated, has has, after various delays finally been released: I saw it for the first time yesterday. For more information on the book, go here.

08.31.06: The first (non-advanced) review of The Open Curtain has just appeared online in The Green Integer Review #4. You can find it online at: The Green Integer Review, along with work by Will Alexander, Frederick Mayröcker, and Alain-Fournier.

08.29.06: One of the better literary bloggers, Pinky's Paperhaus, says about The Open Curtain: "Now I know that to shake up a dark mood, I should read some high-quality horror. This disturbing and sleek book focuses on a teenage Mormon whose grip on reality may or may not be loosening. Amazing writing. And it shook me right the hell out of my funk." Visit the Paperhaus at

08.25.06: Ellipsis...: Literary Serials and Narrative Culture has just published the fifth part of my novella Baby Leg in their latest issue, which also has work by, and and interview with Rebecca Brown.

07.25.06: Ellipsis...: Literary Serials and Narrative Culture has just published the fourth part of my novella Baby Leg in their latest issue. Two more to go...

07.25.06: The latest issue of Sleepingfish, Sleepingfish 0.875, has excerpts of (and an image from) The Drownable Species a story that will be published later this year in a (very small) limited edition fine artists book by Aaron Cohick's New Lights Press. For more information go to Calamari Press.

07.20.06: Issue 1:14 of The Lumberyard contains, about 20 minutes in, a six minute track in which I read the afterword for the paperback of Altmann's Tongue. You can get a podcast at The Lumberyard.

07.10.06: The final issue of 3rd Bed is now out, after a long delay, and includes, among terrific work by Sam Michel, Nina Shope, Jane Unrue and others, a new novella of mine, "Fugue-State." 3rd Bed was a great magazine; I'm very sorry to see it go.

06.19.06: A reprint of my story "Stung" (from Altmann's Tongue), and two new short prose pieces related to Georges Bataille's Ma Mere have just appeared at Jason Snyder's Sidebrow site as part of the "Mother, I" project. Take a look at Sidebrow.

06.08.06: I just found out my story "The Third Factor," published in Quarterly West #60 has been nominated for an IHG Award in the short fiction category. See for more details.